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Get more channels - FREE with freeview!

What is Freeview ?

Freeview is the free-to-view Australia’s digital Television service that offers your favourite TV channels with better picture & sound quality for free. It comprises exciting channels from Australia’s free-to-view broadcasters including ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24, GEM, Go!, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten, WIN Television, SBS, & PRIME7. Freeview digital television gives you more channels, a high definition TV viewing experience & exciting new programs - without any fee, contract or ongoing cost.

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What will I get from Freeview?

Your analogue TV can receive only a limited number of channels. By switching to the Freeview digital TV you will get High Definition picture & sound quality with up to 15 additional channels, and an Electronic Program Guide (EPG). A set-top-box that comes with a digital video recorder gives you the freedom to pause and rewind live TV and the ability to record your favourite TV show. With Freeview, enjoy more of your favourite channels, better picture quality, improved sound, superior reception and best of all, you can enjoy these interactive features at no additional fee or contract.

What do I need to do to get Freeview?

It’s really easy to get Freeview. To get the channels offered on Freeview service in your area, you just need to install HD digital TV equipment or buy a HD integrated digital TV. There’s no need to subscribe to receive Freeview. Once you have the equipment, you are ready to go. A reliable local electronic retailer can help find the equipment you need to get Freeview.

Do I need to upgrade my antenna?

Your existing antenna should be able to receive digital television transmission if both the antenna & cabling are new and in good condition. However, indoor and older antennas should be upgraded to receive the digital transmission to ensure you receive the best sound and picture quality for an excellent viewing experience. If you can’t access the channels which are included on Freeview or get a poor reception with your HD TV and Freeview set-top-box, consider replacing your existing antenna.

To ensure an excellent viewing experience on Freeview, we can help you identify whether your current antenna and cabling should be fine-tuned or replaced to receive. Please contact us at 07 5593 7514.